Listed below are all the weekly emails for the 2019 Session in order by week.

WEEK 1 – HB0004 (Hate Crimes); HB0019 (Expungement of Non-Violent Convictions); HB0022 (Use of Criminal History for Applications for Occupational Licenses or Certificates); HB0033 (Use of Medical Cannabis for Opioid Treatment); HB0035 (Medical Director Requirements for Opioid Maintenance Therapy Programs); SB0008 (3D Gun Prohibition); HB0026 (Baltimore City – Ranked Choice Voting and Open Primaries)

WEEK 2 – HB0102 (Toll Roads, Highways and Bridges – County Government Consent); HB0102 – (Polystyrene Prohibition); SB0096 (Baltimore City Water Liens); HB0066 (Railroads – Required Crew); HB0077 (Decriminalization of Attempted Suicide); HB0085 (General Assembly – Special Election to Fill a Vacancy)

WEEK 3 – HB0141 (Net Neutrality); HB0166 (Fight for $15); HB0258 (Individual Market Stabilization – Provider Fee); HB0275 (Chlorpyrifos Prohibition); SB0218 (Summer SNAP); HB0241 (Vehicle Laws – License Renewal – Denial); SB0233 (Vehicle Insurance – Discrimination in Underwriting or Rating – Use of Occupation or Education Level): HB0214 (Victims and Witnesses – U Visa – Certification of Helpfulness) 

WEEK 4 – HB0378 (Public Health – State Provided Health Care Benefits); HB0399/SB0311 (End-Of-Life-Option Act); HB0451 (Fair Housing Act of 2019); HB0472 (Constitutional Amendment – Environmental Rights (Green Amendment)); SB0414 (Public Funding and Small Donor Act for General Assembly Elections); SB0414 (Correctional Services – Prerelease Unit for Women); HB0145/SB0301 (Hospitals – Patient Bill of Rights); HB0421/SB0196 (Vehicle Laws – Licenses, Identification Cards and Moped Operator’s Permits – Indication of Applicant’s Sex)

WEEK 5 – HB1158 (Clean Energy Jobs) and HB0768 (Prescription Drug Affordability Board)

WEEK 5 – MIDWEEK UPDATE – HB1066 (Fight for $15); HB0530 (Ballot Access – Voter Registration – Affiliating with a Party); HB1249 (HIV Postexposure Treatment for Rape Victims); HB0913 (Correctional Facilities and Police Officers – Immigration Status) and HB0013 (Partial Expungement – Unit Rule)

WEEK 6 – HB0913 (Correctional Facilities and Police Officers – Immigration Status) and HB0740 (3-D and Ghost Guns)

WEEK 7 – SB0532 (Community Healthy Air Act); HB0771 (Regional Transportation Study (Red Line)); HB0275 (Chlorpyrifos Ban); plus calls to get bills out of Judicial Procedings Committee

WEEK 8 – Health Bills stuck in Committee, Environment Bills Stuck in Committee, and Social Justice Bills Stuck in Committee

WEEK 9 –