The Maryland Legislative Coalition is a partnership of individuals and members of grassroots groups in every legislative district across the state who are laser focused on state-level legislation. With well over 30,000 members, the Legislative Coalition represents the voices of the citizens of Maryland in the legislative process. As a group, we determine the types of legislation and the individual bills that we will support, and we work with our legislators and our partner NGOs to ensure that those bills pass. We support positive legislation that makes the lives of all Marylanders better in the areas of Education, Environment, Ethics/Elections, Gun Control, Health Care, Transportation and Social and Economic Justice.

It is our goal to make advocacy easy for the voters of Maryland.  We provide information that is not readily available and tips and scripts that allow hard-working people to spend only a few minutes a week to make their voices heard in the legislative process.  Click on the Join Us! tab and become a member.  Also, spend a few moments listening to a podcast created by our friends in Our Maryland that gives you a better introduction to the Coalition.



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