Listed below is the legislation that the Coalition is supporting for the 2020 session.  Additionally, a spreadsheet with this, and more detailed information is available HERE.



Bill Number Title Sponsor
HB0001/SB0001 Build To Learn Act of 2020 Delegate Chang/Senator Peters
HB0222 Income Tax Rates – Capital Gains Income Delegate Palakovich Carr
HB0223 End Ineffective Business Subsidies Act of 2020 Delegate Palakovich Carr
HB0256 Maryland Estate Tax – Unified Credit Delegate Wilkins
HB0295 Corporate Income Tax – Combined Reporting Delegate Lehman
HB0400 Tax – General – Vaping Product Tax Delegate Pena-Melnyk
HB0439/SB0216 Income Tax – Carried Interest – Additional Tax Delegate Mosby/Senator Pinsky
HB0473 Corporate Income Tax – Throwback Rule Delegate Stewart
HB0507 Income Tax – Pass-Through Entity – Additional Tax Delegate Palakovich-Carr
HB0695 Digital Advertising Gross Revenues – Taxation Delegate Washington
HB0932/SB1001 21st-Century Economy Sales Tax Act Delegate Korman/Senator Rosapepe
HB1300/SB1000 Blueprint for Maryland’s Future – Implementation Speaker/President
SB0002 Digital Advertising Gross Revenues – Taxation Senator Mike Miller
SB0003 Electronic Smoking Devices, Other Tobacco Products, and Cigarettes – Taxation Senator McCray
SB0325 Constitutional Amendment – Gaming – Expansion Senator King
SB0311 Corporate Tax Fairness Act of 2020 Senator Pinsky
SB0644 Income Tax Checkoff – The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future Fund Senator Gallion



Bill Number Title Sponsor
HB0013/SB0028 Solid Waste Management – Prohibition on Releasing a Balloon into the Atmosphere Delegate Hartman/Senator Lam
HB0098/SB0168 Electricity – Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard – Qualifying Biomass Delegate Davis/Senator Kelley
HB0179 Maryland Recycling Act Delegate Charkoudian
HB0209/SB0313 Plastics and Packaging Reduction Act Delegate Lierman/Senator Augustine
HB0229/SB0300 Pesticides – Use of Chorpyrifos – Prohibition Delegate Stein/Senator Lam
HB0232 Maryland Zero Emission Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo
HB0296 Environment – Single-Use Plastic Straws – Use in a Food Service Business Delegate Love
HB0398 Energy Efficiency – Net-Zero Homes – Contract Preferences Delegate Rogers
HB0438/SB0560 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard – Eligible Sources Delegate Mosby/Senator Hough
HB0457/SB0371 Environment – Drinking Water Outlets in School Buildings – Testing for Elevated Level of Lead Delegate Rosenberg/Senator Carter
HB0517 Constitutional Amendment – Environmental Rights Delegate Stewart
HB0531/SB0656 Utility Regulation – Consideration of Climate and Labor Delegate Charkoudian/Senator Kramer
HB0561/SB0315 Electric Industry – Community Choice Energy Delegate Charkoudian/Senator Beidle
HB0589 Solid Waste Management – Organics Recycling and Waste Diversion – Food Residuals Delegate Charkoudian
HB1105 Income Tax – Credit for Residential Composting and Pickup Services Delegate Shetty
HB1176 Agriculture – Maryland Healthy Soils Grant Program Delegate Stein
HB1223 Clean Cars Act of 2020 Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo
HB1312/SB0841 Water Pollution Control – Discharge Permits – Industrial Poultry Operations Delegate Stewart/Senator Lam
HB1370/SB0592 State-Funded Construction and Major Renovation Projects – Solar Panels – Requirement Delegate Forbes/Senator West
HB1406  Land Use – Development – Middle Housing (Modest Home Choices Act of 2020) Delegate Stewart
HB1425/SB0926 Climate Solutions Act of 2020 – Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act  Delegate Stein/Senator Pinsky
HB1451 School Bus Purchasing – Zero-Emission Vehicle – Requirement Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo
HB1475/SB0992 School Buildings – Drinking Water Outlets – Elevated Level of Lead – Preservation of Environmental Quality and Climate Delegate Solomon/Senator McCray
HB1490 Environment – Building Energy Performance Standards and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets (Clean Buildings Jobs Act of 2020) Delegate Stewart
HB1543/SB0912 Environment – Climate Crisis and Education Act Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo/Senator Kramer
HB1545/SB0887 Electric Generation -Transition from Fossil Fuels – Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rate and Transition Account Delegate Barve/Senator West
HB001 Declaration of a Climate Emergency and Implementation Delegate Hill
SB0928 Environment – Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation Construction or Expansion – Manure Transport Plan Senator Pinsky



Bill Number Title Sponsor
HB0034/SB0087 Campaign Finance – Contributions, Expenditures, or Donations by Foreign-Influenced Corporations Delegate Palakovich Carr/Senator Lam
HB0037/SB0145 Election Law – References to Absentee Voting in Communications – Mail-In Voting Delegate Palakovich Carr/Senator Hester
HB0051/SB0091 Election Law – Individuals Released from Correctional Facilities – Voter Registration Delegate Bartlett/Senator Kagan
HB0103/SB0010 General Assembly – Special Election to Fill a Vacancy in Office Delegate Moon/Senator Lam
HB0245/SB0647 Election Law – Institutions of Higher Education – Voter Registration and Voting by Students (Student Voter Empowerment Act of 2020) Delegate Luedtke
HB0337/SB0298 Election Law – Local Public Campaign Financing – Boards of Education Delegate Ebersole/Senator Lam
HB0392 Election Law – Security of Election Systems Delegate Rosenberg
HB0568/SB0372 Election Law – Correctional Facilities – Voter Registration and Voting Delegate Mosby/Senator West
HB0881/SB0033 Election Law – Voting by Absentee Ballot – Prepaid Postage for Return of Ballots Delegate Smith/Senator Kagan
HB1158/SB0390 Election Law – Candidate Defeated in Primary Election – Write-In Candidacy in General Election Delegate Lewis
HB1172 Election Law – Postelection Tabulation Audits – Risk-Limiting Audits Delegate Kaiser
HB1246  Presidential Candidate Tax Transparency Act Delegate Ivey
HB1351/SB0947 Public Financing Act – State Senate and House of Delegates Candidates Matching Fund Delegate Mosby/
HB0006 Participation by Maryland residents in the 2020 Census Delegate Wilkins
SB0033 Election Law – Voting by Absentee Ballot – Prepaid Postage Senator Kagan
SB0089 State Board of Elections – Certification of Voting Systems – Standards Senator Kagan
SB0666 Election Law – Time Off for Employee Voting Senator Lee



Bill Number Title Sponsor
HB0004/SB0208 Public Safety – Rifles and Shotguns – Secondary Transactions Delegate Atterbeary/Senator Lee
HB0910/SB0958 Criminal Law – Untraceable Firearms Delegate Dumais/Senator Lee
HB1257/SB0816 Public Safety – Licensed Firearms Dealers (Firearms Dealers’ Safety Act) Delegate Korman



Bill Number Title Sponsor
HB0188 Public Health – State-Provided Health Care Benefits Delegate Reznik
HB0196/SB0124 Maryland Health Benefit Exchange – Establishment of a State-Based Health Insurance Subsidies Program Delegate Pena-Melnyk/Senator Feldman
HB0255/SB0547 Health Care Facilities – Hospitals and Related Institutions – Discrimination Protections Delegate Young, K./Senator Young
HB0409 Maryland Medical Assistance Program – Participation of School-Based Health Centers – Regulations Delegate Cullison
Hb0643/SB0701 End-Of-Life Option Act Delegate Pendergrass/Senator Waldstreicher
HB0839/SB0539 Labor and Employment – Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program – Establishment Delegate Valderrama/Senator Hayes
HB0959/SB0872 Health Insurance – Consumer Protections Delegate Pendergrass/Senator Feldman
HB0975 State Department of Education and Maryland Department of Health – School-Based Health Centers – Ombudsmen Delegate Cullison
HB1010 Health Care Facilities – Discrimination (LGBTQ Senior Bill of Rights) Delegate Acevero
HB1081/SB0873 Health Facilities – Hospitals – Medical Debt Protections Delegate Charkoudian/Senator Feldman
HB1095/SB0669 Public Health – Prescription Drug Affordability Board and Fund Speaker/President
HB1100 Prescription Drug Affordability Board – Meetings, Legal Advisor, and Technical Changes Delegate Pendergrass
HB1120/SB0738 Health Care Providers and Health Benefit Plans – Discrimination in Provision of Services Delegate Kelly/Senator Feldman
HB1360/SB0623 Health Insurance – Out-of-Pocket Maximums and Cost-Sharing Requirements – Calculation Delegate Young, P./Senator Benson
HB1563/SB0879 Public Health – Maryland Infant Lifetime Care Trust Funded by HSCRC and Maryland Patient Safety Center Duties Delegate Cullison/Senator Kelly
Sb0054 Electronic Smoking Devices – Added Flavoring – Prohibition on Shipping, Import or Sale Senator Lam
SB0228 Public Health – Commission on Universal Health Care Senator Pinsky



Bill Number Title Sponsor
HB0005/SB0161 Crimes – Hate Crimes – Use of an Item or a Symbol to Threaten or Intimidate Delegate Chang/Senator Elfreth
HB0028/SB0173 Vehicle  Laws – Driver’s Licenses Confiscated for REAL ID Compliance – Failure to Possess or Display Delegate Ebersole/Senator Hester
HB0123/SB0217 Labor and Employment – Wage History and Wage Range Delegate K. Young/Senator Lee
HB0193 Criminal Law – Use or Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance – De Minimus Quantity Delegate Cardin
HB0206/SB0207 Unaccompanied Minors in Need of Shelter and Supportive Services Delegate Krimm/Senator Washington
HB0231/SB0530 Housing Opportunities Made Equal Act Delegate Lierman/Senator Smith
HB0242/SB0206 Criminal Procedure – Motion to Vacate Judgment – Human Trafficking (True Freedom Act of 2020) Delegate Atterbeary/Senator Lee
HB0244/SB0900 Criminal Records – Disclosure of Information – Prohibited Acts Delegate Moon/Senator Smith
HB0312/SB0473 Discrimination in Employment – Reasonable Accommodations for Applicants with Disabilities Delegate Charkoudian/Senator Lam
HB0323/SB0591 Criminal Procedure – Petition to Modify or Reduce Sentence (Maryland Second Look Act) Delegate Barron/Senator West
HB0365/SB0425 Debt Collection – Exemptions From Attachment and Execution Delegate Dumais/Senator Beidle
HB0388 Criminal Procedure – Civil Immigration Enforcement – Restrictions Delegate Pena-Melnyk
HB0403/SB0903 Immigration Enforcement – Public Schools, Hospitals and Courthouses – Policies Delegate Wilkins/Senator Smith
HB0427 Action for Change of Name – Waiver of Publication Requirement Delegate Shetty
HB0429 Human Relations – Places of Public Accommodation – Pricing of Goods and Services  Delegate Barron
HB0431/SB0470 Motor Vehicle and Homeowner’s Insurance – Use of Claim History in Rating Policies Delegate Waston/Senator Hester
HB0459 Criminal Law – Victims of Human Trafficking – Affirmative Defense Delegate Cain
HB0488/SB0554 Crimes – Mitigation – Sex, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation Delegate Palakovich Carr/Senator Lam
HB0550 Criminal Law – Marijuana – Possession and Possession with Intent to Distribute Delegate Mosby
HB0559/SB0452 Family Investment Program – Temporary Cash Assistance – Funding Delegate Valentino-Smith/Senator McCray
HB0608/SB0682 Correctional Services – Prerelease Unit for Women – Requirement to Operate Delegate Crutchfield/Senator Washington
HB0677/SB0850 Correctional Services – Immigration Detention – Prohibition (Dignity Not Detention Act) Delegate Stewart/Senator Sydnor
HB0744 Landlord and Tenant – Residential Leases – Tenant Rights and Protections (Tenant Protection Act) Delegate Stewart
HB0801/SB0684 Correctional Services – Prerelease Unit for Women – Facilities and Services (Gender-Responsive Prerelease Act) Delegate Crutchfield/Senator Washington
HB0892/SB0649 Public Information Act – Motor Vehicle Administration – Warrant for Personal Information and Reporting Delegate Stein/Senator Lam
HB0974 Civil Actions – Child Sexual Abuse – Definition and Statue of Limitations (Hidden Predator Act of 2020) Delegate Wilson
HB1090 Law Enforcement – Complaints and Investigations and Use of Force (Anton’s Law) Delegate Acevero
HB1149 Department of Housing and Community Development – Social Housing Subprogram (Social Housing Act) Delegate Stewart
HB1178 Vehicle Laws – Fines – Pilot Project for Income-Based Fines (Fair Fines Act of 2020) Delegate Stewart
HB1209/SB0848 Public Safety – DNA Collection, Records, Analysis and Reporting Delegate Shetty/Senator Sydnor
HB1221 Public Information Act – Personnel and Investigatory Records – Complaints Against Law Enforcement Officers Delegate Clippinger
HB1335 Criminal Procedure – Automatic Expungement Delegate Anderson
HB1532 Human Services – Food Supplement Program Eligibility (Protect Against Hunger Act) Delegate Solomon
SB0017 Motor Vehicle Insurance – Use of Credit History in Rating Policies Senator Young
SB0045 Criminal Law – Child Pornography – Distribution, Creation, or Possession by Minor Subject Senator Waldstreicher
SB0058 Expansion of Commercial Gaming – Referendum – Sports Wagering Senator West
SB0811 Criminal Procedure – Automatic Expungement Senator Waldstreicher
SB0857 Facial Recognition Services – Moratorium Senator Sydnor
SB0901 State and Local Government – Participation in Federal Immigration Enforcement Senator Smith
SB0907 Public Safety – Crime Plan and Law Enforcement Councils (Maryland State Crime Plan) Senator Smith


Bill Number Title Sponsor
HB0086/SB0136 Transportation – Maryland Metro/Transit Funding Act – Alterations Delegate Korman/Senator Feldman
HB0205/SB0105 Southern Maryland Rapid Transit Project – Requirements and Funding Delegate Davis/Senator Ellis
HB0292/SB0229 Toll Roads, Highways, and Bridges – County Government Consent Delegate Lehman/Senator Lee
HB0299 Public-Private Partnership Projects – Real Property Acquisition – Prohibition Delegate Love
HB0351 Land Use and Vehicle Miles Traveled Workgroup Delegate Stewart
HB0432/SB0423 Maryland Transit Administration – Conversion to Electric Buses (Electric Bus Transition Act) Delegate Korman/Senator Zucker
HB0368/SB0424 Maryland Transit Administration – Funding (Transit Safety and Investment Act) Delegate Lierman/Senator Zucker


HB0390/SB0548 Transportation – I-270 Commuter Bus Route Study Delegate Palakovich Carr/Senator Young
HB1159 Central Maryland Regional Transit Plan and Commission – Alterations Delegate Boyce
HB1220 Public-Private Partnerships – Highway and Bridge Toll Facilities – Rates (No Lexus Lanes Act) Delegate Barve
HB1367 Transportation – Western Maryland MARC Rail Extension – Study Delegate Corderman
HB1405 State Budget – Transportation Delegate Barve
HB1526 Transportation Carbon Reduction Fund – Establishment (Transportation Carbon Fund Act) Delegate Korman