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To find your legislator(s), click on the following link and type in your street address and zip code:  http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/members/district

Alternatively, if you know your county and district, your legislators are listed in that order below.  If you click on the legislator’s name, you will be linked directly to their profile page on the Maryland General Assembly, which has additional information.  Please note that some districts cross county lines.


County District Senator/Delegate Name Email Phone
Allegany 1B Delegate Buckel, Jason C. Jason.Buckel@house.state.md.us 410-841-3404
Allegany and Washington 1C Delegate McKay, Mike Mike.McKay@house.state.md.us 410-841-3321
Anne Arundel 30 Senator Elfreth, Sarah sarah.elfreth@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3578
Anne Arundel 31 Senator Simonaire, Bryan W. bryan.simonaire@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3658
Anne Arundel 32 Delegate Bartlett, J. Sandy sandy.bartlett@house.state.md.us 410-841-3370
Anne Arundel 32 Delegate Chang, Mark S. Mark.Chang@house.state.md.us 410-841-3511
Anne Arundel 32 Delegate Rogers, Mike mike.rogers@house.state.md.us 410-841-3372
Anne Arundel 32 Senator Beidle, Pamela pamela.beidle@house.state.md.us 410-841-3370
Anne Arundel 33 Delegate Bagnall, Heather heather.bagnall@house.state.md.us 410-841-3406
Anne Arundel 33 Delegate Malone, Michael E. Michael.Malone@house.state.md.us 410-841-3510
Anne Arundel 33 Delegate Saab, Sid Sid.Saab@house.state.md.us 410-841-3551
Anne Arundel 33 Senator Reilly, Edward R. edward.reilly@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3568
Anne Arundel 30A Delegate Busch, Michael E.  michael.busch@house.state.md.us 410-841-3800
Anne Arundel 30A Delegate Cain, Alice alice.cain@house.state.md.us 410-841-3211
Anne Arundel 30B Delegate Howard, Seth A. Seth.Howard@house.state.md.us 410-841-3439
Anne Arundel 31A Delegate Carey, Ned Ned.Carey@house.state.md.us 410-841-3047
Anne Arundel 31B Delegate Chisholm, Brian brian.chisholm@house.state.md.us 410-841-3206
Anne Arundel 31B Delegate Kipke, Nicholaus R. nicholaus.kipke@house.state.md.us 410-841-3421
Baltimore 6 Delegate Grammer, Robin L., Jr. Robin.Grammer@house.state.md.us 410-841-3298
Baltimore 6 Delegate Long, Robert B. Bob.Long@house.state.md.us 410-841-3458
Baltimore 6 Delegate Metzgar, Ric Ric.Metzgar@house.state.md.us 410-841-3332
Baltimore 6 Senator Salling, Johnny Ray johnnyray.salling@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3587
Baltimore 8 Delegate Bhandari, Harry harry.bhandari@house.state.md.us 410-841-3526
Baltimore 8 Delegate Boteler, Joseph C joseph.boteler@house.state.md.us 410-841-3365
Baltimore 8 Delegate Bromwell, Eric M. eric.bromwell@house.state.md.us 410-841-3766
Baltimore 8 Senator Klausmeier, Katherine  katherine.klausmeier@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3620
Baltimore 10 Delegate Brooks, Benjamin  Benjamin.Brooks@house.state.md.us 410-841-3352
Baltimore 10 Delegate Jalisi, Jay Jay.Jalisi@house.state.md.us 410-841-3358
Baltimore 10 Delegate Jones, Adrienne A.  adrienne.jones@house.state.md.us 410-841-3391
Baltimore 10 Senator Kelley, Delores G. delores.kelley@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3606
Baltimore 11 Delegate Cardin, Jon S jon.cardin@house.state.md.us 410-841-3054
Baltimore 11 Delegate Hettleman, Shelly  Shelly.Hettleman@house.state.md.us 410-841-3833
Baltimore 11 Delegate Stein, Dana dana.stein@house.state.md.us 410-841-3359
Baltimore 11 Senator 410-841-3131
Baltimore 42 Senator West, Chris chris.west@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3648
Baltimore 42A Delegate Forbes, Catherinehttp://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Members/Details/forbes01  stephen.lafferty@house.state.md.us 410-841-3487
Baltimore 42B Delegate Guyton, Michele michele.guyton@house.state.md.us 410-841-3793
Baltimore 42B Delegate Mangione, Nino nino.mangione@house.state.md.us 410-841-3258
Baltimore 44A Delegate Haynes, Keith E. keith.haynes@house.state.md.us 410-841-3801
Baltimore 44B Delegate Forbes, Catherine catherine.forbes@house.state.md.us  410-841-3487
Baltimore and Harford 7 Delegate Arikan, Lauren lauren.arikan@house.state.md.us 410-841-3334
Baltimore and Harford 7 Delegate Impallaria, Rick rick.impallaria@house.state.md.us 410-841-3289
Baltimore and Harford 7 Delegate Szeliga, Kathy kathy.szeliga@house.state.md.us 410-841-3698
Baltimore and Harford 7 Senator Jennings, J. B. jb.jennings@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3706
Baltimore and Howard 12 Delegate Ebersole, Eric Eric.Ebersole@house.state.md.us 410-841-3328
Baltimore and Howard 12 Delegate Feldmark, Jessica jessica.feldmark@house.state.md.us 410-841-3205
Baltimore and Howard 12 Delegate Hill, Terri  Terri.Hill@house.state.md.us 410-841-3378
Baltimore and Howard 12 Senator Lam, Clarence clarence.lam@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3653
Baltimore City 40 Delegate Conaway, Frank M., Jr.  frank.conaway@house.state.md.us 410-841-3189
Baltimore City 40 Delegate Mosby, Nick nick.mosby@house.state.md.us 410-841-3520
Baltimore City 40 Delegate Wells, Melissa melissa.wells@house.state.md.us 410-841-3545
Baltimore City 40 Senator Hayes, Antonio antonio.hayes@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3656
Baltimore City 41 Delegate Attar, Dalya dalya.attar@house.state.md.us 410-841-3268
Baltimore City 41 Delegate Bridges, Tony tony.bridges@house.state.md.us 410-841-3283
Baltimore City 41 Delegate Rosenberg, Samuel I. samuel.rosenberg@house.state.md.us 410-841-3297
Baltimore City 41 Senator Carter, Jill jill.carter@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3697
Baltimore City 43 Delegate Anderson, Curt  curt.anderson@house.state.md.us 410-841-3291
Baltimore City 43 Delegate Boyce, Regina regina.boyce@house.state.md.us 410-841-3476
Baltimore City 43 Delegate McIntosh, Maggie  maggie.mcintosh@house.state.md.us 410-841-3406
Baltimore City 43 Senator Washington, Mary mary.washington@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3145
Baltimore City 45 Delegate Branch, Talmadge talmadge.branch@house.state.md.us 410-841-3398
Baltimore City 45 Delegate 410-841-3257
Baltimore City 45 Delegate Smith, Stephanie stephanie.smith@house.state.md.us 410-841-3486
Baltimore City 45 Senator McCray, Cory cory.mccray@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3165
Baltimore City 46 Delegate Clippinger, Luke luke.clippinger@house.state.md.us 410-841-3303
Baltimore City 46 Delegate Lewis, Robbyn  robbyn.lewis@house.state.md.us 410-841-3772
Baltimore City 46 Delegate Lierman, Brooke E.  Brooke.Lierman@house.state.md.us 410-841-3319
Baltimore City 46 Senator Ferguson, Bill  bill.ferguson@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3600
Baltimore City 44B Delegate Sydnor, Charles E Charles.Sydnor@house.state.md.us 410-841-3802
Baltimore City and Baltimore 44 Senator Nathan-Pulliam, Shirley shirley.nathan.pulliam@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3612
Calvert 27A Delegate Proctor, Susie susie.proctor@house.state.md.us 410-841-3083
Calvert and Prince George’s 27B Delegate Jackson, Michael A.  Michael.Jackson@house.state.md.us 410-841-3103
Calvert and St. Mary’s 29 Senator Bailey, Jack jack.bailey@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3673
Calvert and St. Mary’s 29A Delegate Morgan, Matthew Matt.Morgan@house.state.md.us 410-841-3170
Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and Wicomico 37 Senator Eckardt, Adelaide C. adelaide.eckardt@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3590
Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and Wicomico 37A Delegate Sample-Hughes, Sheree  Sheree.Sample.Hughes@house.state.md.us 410-841-3427
Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and Wicomico 37B Delegate Adams, Christopher T. christopher.adams@house.state.md.us 410-841-3343
Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and Wicomico 37B Delegate Mautz, Johnny Johnny.Mautz@house.state.md.us 410-841-3429
Carroll 5 Delegate Krebs, Susan W. susan.krebs@house.state.md.us 410-841-3200
Carroll 5 Delegate Rose, April April.Rose@house.state.md.us 410-841-3070
Carroll 5 Delegate Shoemaker, Haven Haven.Shoemaker@house.state.md.us 410-841-3359
Carroll 5 Senator Ready, Justin justin.ready@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3683
Carroll and Howard 9 Senator Hester, Katie katiefry.hester@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3671
Cecil 35A Delegate Hornberger, Kevin B. Kevin.Hornberger@house.state.md.us 410-841-3284
Cecil and Harford 35B Delegate Cassilly, Andrew Andrew.Cassilly@house.state.md.us 410-841-3444
Cecil and Harford 35B Delegate Reilly, Teresa E. Teresa.Reilly@house.state.md.us 410-841-3278
Charles 28 Delegate Davis, Debra debra.davis@house.state.md.us 410-841-3337
Charles 28 Delegate Patterson, Edith J. Edith.Patterson@house.state.md.us 410-841-3247
Charles 28 Delegate Wilson, C. T. ct.wilson@house.state.md.us 410-841-3325
Charles 28 Senator Ellis, Arthur arthur.ellis@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3616
Charles and Prince George’s 27C Delegate Fisher, Mark N. mark.fisher@house.state.md.us 410-841-3231
Frederick 3 Senator Young, Ronald N.  ronald.young@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3575
Frederick 3A Delegate Krimm, Carol L.  Carol.Krimm@house.state.md.us 410-841-3472
Frederick 3A Delegate Young, Karen Lewis  Karen.Young@house.state.md.us 410-841-3436
Frederick 3B Delegate Kerr, Ken ken.kerr@house.state.md.us 410-841-3240
Frederick and Carroll 4 Delegate Ciliberti, Barrie S. Barrie.Ciliberti@house.state.md.us 410-841-3080
Frederick and Carroll 4 Delegate Cox, Dan dan.cox@house.state.md.us 410-841-3288
Frederick and Carroll 4 Delegate Pippy, Jesse T. jesse.pippy@house.state.md.us 410-841-3118
Frederick and Carroll 4 Senator Hough, Michael J. michael.hough@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3704
Garrett and Allegany 1A Delegate Beitzel, Wendell R. wendell.beitzel@house.state.md.us 410-841-3435
Garrett, Allegany, and Washington 1 Senator Edwards, George C. george.edwards@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3565
Harford 34 Senator Cassilly, Robert Bob.Cassilly@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3158
Harford 34A Delegate Johnson, Steve steve.johnson@house.state.md.us 410-841-3280
Harford 34A Delegate Lisanti, Mary Ann  MaryAnn.Lisanti@house.state.md.us 410-841-3331
Harford 34B Delegate McComas, Susan susan.mccomas@house.state.md.us 410-841-3272
Harford and Cecil 35 Senator Gallion, Jason jason.gallion@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3603
Howard 13 Delegate Atterbeary, Vanessa E.  Vanessa.Atterbeary@house.state.md.us 410-841-3471
Howard 13 Delegate Pendergrass, Shane E.  shane.pendergrass@house.state.md.us 410-841-3139
Howard 13 Delegate Terrasa, Jen jen.terrasa@house.state.md.us 410-841-3246
Howard 13 Senator Guzzone, Guy  guy.guzzone@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3572
Howard and Carroll 9B Delegate Watson, Courtney courtney.watson@house.state.md.us 410-841-3077
Howard and Carroll 9A Delegate Kittleman, Trent Trent.Kittleman@house.state.md.us 410-841-3556
Howard and Carroll 9A Delegate Miller, Warren E. warren.miller@house.state.md.us 410-841-3582
Kent, Queen Anne’s, Cecil, and Caroline 36 Delegate Arentz, Steven J. steven.arentz@house.state.md.us 410-841-3543
Kent, Queen Anne’s, Cecil, and Caroline 36 Delegate Ghrist, Jefferson L. Jeff.Ghrist@house.state.md.us 410-841-3555
Kent, Queen Anne’s, Cecil, and Caroline 36 Delegate Jacobs, Jay A. jay.jacobs@house.state.md.us 410-841-3449
Kent, Queen Anne’s, Cecil, and Caroline 36 Senator Hershey, Stephen S., Jr. steve.hershey@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3639
Montgomery 14 Delegate Kaiser, Anne R. anne.kaiser@house.state.md.us 410-841-3036
Montgomery 14 Delegate Luedtke, Eric G.  eric.luedtke@house.state.md.us 410-841-3110
Montgomery 14 Delegate Queen, Pam pam.queen@house.state.md.us 410-841-3380
Montgomery 14 Senator Zucker, Craig J.  craig.zucker@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3625
Montgomery 15 Delegate Dumais, Kathleen M. kathleen.dumais@house.state.md.us 410-841-3052
Montgomery 15 Delegate Fraser-Hidalgo, David david.fraser.hidalgo@house.state.md.us 410-841-3186
Montgomery 15 Delegate Qui, Lily lily.qi@house.state.md.us 410-841-3090
Montgomery 15 Senator Feldman, Brian J.  brian.feldman@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3169
Montgomery 16 Delegate Kelly, Ariana B.  ariana.kelly@house.state.md.us 410-841-3642
Montgomery 16 Delegate Korman, Marc  Marc.Korman@house.state.md.us 410-841-3649
Montgomery 16 Delegate Love, Sara sara.love@house.state.md.us 410-841-3454
Montgomery 16 Senator Lee, Susan C.  susan.lee@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3124
Montgomery 17 Delegate Barve, Kumar P.  kumar.barve@house.state.md.us 410-841-3990
Montgomery 17 Delegate Gilchrist, Jim  jim.gilchrist@house.state.md.us 410-841-3744
Montgomery 17 Delegate Palakovich-Carr, Julie julie.palakovichcarr@house.state.md.us 410-841-3037
Montgomery 17 Senator Kagan, Cheryl C. Cheryl.Kagan@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3134
Montgomery 18 Delegate Carr, Alfred C., Jr.  alfred.carr@house.state.md.us 410-841-3638
Montgomery 18 Delegate Shetty, Emily emily.shetty@house.state.md.us 410-841-3181
Montgomery 18 Delegate Solomon, Jared jared.solomon@house.state.md.us 410-841-3130
Montgomery 18 Senator Waldstreicher, Jeff jeff.waldstreicher@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3137
Montgomery 19 Delegate Crutchfield, Charlotte charlotte.crutchfield@house.state.md.us 410-841-3485
Montgomery 19 Delegate Cullison, Bonnie  bonnie.cullison@house.state.md.us 410-841-3883
Montgomery 19 Delegate Stewart, Vaughn vaughn.stewart@house.state.md.us 410-841-3528
Montgomery 19 Senator Kramer, Ben ben.kramer@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3151
Montgomery 20 Delegate Charkoudian, Lorig lorig.charkoudian@house.state.md.us 410-841-3423
Montgomery 20 Delegate Moon, David David.Moon@house.state.md.us 410-841-3474
Montgomery 20 Delegate Wilkins, Jheanelle K.  jheanelle.wilkins@house.state.md.us 410-841-3493
Montgomery 20 Senator Smith, William C., Jr.  will.smith@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3634
Montgomery 39 Delegate Acevero, Gabriel gabriel.acevero@house.state.md.us 410-841-3001
Montgomery 39 Delegate Lopez, Lesley J lesley.lopez@house.state.md.us 410-841-3021
Montgomery 39 Delegate Reznik, Kirill kirill.reznik@house.state.md.us 410-841-3039
Montgomery 39 Senator King, Nancy J. nancy.king@senate.state.md.us 301-858-3686
Prince George’s 22 Delegate Gaines, Tawanna P. tawanna.gaines@house.state.md.us 410-841-3058
Prince George’s 22 Delegate Healey, Anne  anne.healey@house.state.md.us 410-841-3961
Prince George’s 22 Delegate Washington, Alonzo T.  alonzo.washington@house.state.md.us 410-841-3581
Prince George’s 22 Senator Pinsky, Paul G.  paul.pinsky@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3155
Prince George’s 23 Senator Peters, Douglas J.  douglas.peters@senate.state.md.us 301-858-3631
Prince George’s 24 Delegate Barron, Erek L.  Erek.Barron@house.state.md.us 410-841-3692
Prince George’s 24 Delegate Fletcher-Harrison, Andrea andreafletcher.harrison@house.state.md.us 410-841-3919
Prince George’s 24 Delegate Lewis, Jazz  jazz.lewis@house.state.md.us 410-841-3691
Prince George’s 24 Senator Benson, Joanne C.  joanne.benson@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3148
Prince George’s 25 Delegate Barnes, Darryl  Darryl.Barnes@house.state.md.us 410-841-3557
Prince George’s 25 Delegate Charles, Nick nick.charles@house.state.md.us 410-841-3707
Prince George’s 25 Delegate Davis, Dereck E. dereck.davis@house.state.md.us 410-841-3519
Prince George’s 25 Senator Griffith, Melony melony.griffith@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3127
Prince George’s 26 Delegate Turner, Veronica veronica.turner@house.state.md.us 410-841-3212
Prince George’s 26 Delegate Valderrama, Kriselda  kris.valderrama@house.state.md.us 410-841-3210
Prince George’s 26 Delegate Walker, Jay  jay.walker@house.state.md.us 410-841-3581
Prince George’s 26 Senator Patterson, Obie obie.patterson@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3092
Prince George’s 47 Senator Augustine, Malcolm malcolm.augustine@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3745
Prince George’s 23A Delegate Valentino-Smith, Geraldine geraldine.valentino@house.state.md.us 410-841-3101
Prince George’s 23B Delegate Holmes, Marvin E., Jr.  marvin.holmes@house.state.md.us 410-841-3310
Prince George’s 23B Delegate Watson, Ron courtney.watson@house.state.md.us 410-841-3077
Prince George’s 47A Delegate Fennell, Diana M. Diana.Fennell@house.state.md.us 410-841-3478
Prince George’s 47A Delegate Ivey, Julian julian.ivey@house.state.md.us 410-841-3326
Prince George’s 47B Delegate Fisher, Wanika wanika.fisher@house.state.md.us 410-841-3340
Prince George’s and Anne Arundel 21 Delegate Barnes, Ben ben.barnes@house.state.md.us 410-841-3046
Prince George’s and Anne Arundel 21 Delegate Lehman, Mary A. mary.lehman@house.state.md.us 410-841-3114
Prince George’s and Anne Arundel 21 Delegate Pena-Melnyk, Joseline A.  joseline.pena.melnyk@house.state.md.us 410-841-3502
Prince George’s and Anne Arundel 21 Senator Rosapepe, Jim  jim.rosapepe@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3141
Prince George’s, Charles and Calvert 27 Senator Miller, Thomas V. Mike, Jr.  thomas.v.mike.miller@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3700
Somerset and Worcester 38A Delegate Otto, Charles J. charles.otto@house.state.md.us 410-841-3433
Somerset, Worcester, and Wicomico 38 Senator Carroza, Mary Beth MaryBeth.Carozza@house.state.md.us 410-841-3645
St. Mary’s 29B Delegate Crosby, Brian M. brian.crosby@house.state.md.us 410-841-3277
St. Mary’s 29C Delegate Clark, Jerry jerry.clark@house.state.md.us 410-841-3314
Washington 2 Senator Serafini, Andrew A. andrew.serafini@senate.state.md.us 410-841-3903
Washington 2A Delegate Parrott, Neil neil.parrott@house.state.md.us 410-841-3636
Washington 2A Delegate Wivell, William J. william.wivell@house.state.md.us 410-841-3447
Washington 2B Delegate Corderman, Paul paul.corderman@house.state.md.us 410-841-3125
Wicomico 38B Delegate Anderton, Carl, Jr. Carl.Anderton@house.state.md.us 410-841-3431
Wicomico and Worcester 38C Delegate Hartman, Wayne A. wayne.hartman@house.state.md.us 410-841-3356